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Whether you’ve just started practicing Yoga and Pilates or you’re upping your fitness game or perhaps it’s been part of your daily routine for years, here at Healthy Options you’ll find the enthusiastic and professional style of our teachers refreshing and inspiring.

Our teachers provide a great mix of classes. Every day, we offer classes aimed at all levels which are designed to be progressive and will enable you to begin or continue your practice at home. This is one of our sources of pride – what you learn on a Healthy Options holiday will help you progress and improve even when you’re back home!

We always make sure to give you plenty of individual attention, helping you to maintain the correct alignment and technique. This means that you’ll get the maximum benefit not only during your holiday with us, but for your future practice as well.

Meet our instructors here, and check out the sample schedule for Vassiliki to get a good idea of what your holiday will be like.


Our Yoga classes

Hatha Yoga

The original form of Yoga including the practice of postures (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which can help prepare the body for meditation. The pace of the class is quite gentle and will involve holding various positions in stillness for a certain amount of breaths.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Linking the movements with the breath is called Vinyasa. This is one of the most popular styles of yoga and is called ‘flow’ because of the smooth way the poses run together. Attention is focused on alignment and transition between poses, leading to improved stamina and flexibility.

Yin & Yang Yoga

Blending two styles of yoga into one practice. Bringing together the benefits of the passive, restorative poses with the active, more dynamic sequences. By practicing Yin and Yang we are able to create a balance and learn about stillness in movement and the flow within the stillness.

Ashtanga Yoga

A more vigorous practice combining a fixed series of asana, synchronised with the breath. Starting with repetitions of Sun Salutations, followed by a standing and a seated sequence. This style emphasises both the mental and physical flexibility and strength.

Yin Yoga

A complimentary practice to the more active (Yang) styles of Yoga. Yin consists of a series of more passive poses held for anything up to 10 minutes. Spending a longer amount of time in each posture targets the deep connective tissue and fascia, improving flexibility and circulation, ending with a deep sense of peace and openness.

Yoga Nidra

Known as a form of subconscious relaxation, Nidra encourages a state of mind between sleep and wakefulness. This 30 minute class involves lying down comfortably, with the use of props in complete stillness whilst listening to the instructor guide you through a meditation. It’s said that half an hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep!


Our Pilates & Barre Classes


The five basic principles of Pilates are; breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement and stabilisation, plus head and neck placement. This mat based class will help you develop core muscles and stability and has been proven to be an excellent form of exercise for improving posture and inner strength. Our Pilates teachers specialise in postural re-alignment and can offer advice for any ongoing injuries.

Pilates Strength & Tone

These sessions will focus on strong and stable bodyweight exercises, paired with exercises that use Pilates equipment and weights of varying sizes. You will build up your total body strength through powerful and controlled exercises.

Powerhouse Pilates

This class combines the best of Yoga and Pilates into a series of dynamic, full-body fusion workouts, designed to activate and strengthen your “Powerhouse”. The Powerhouse is the collective group of your abdominal, lower back and pelvic muscles that create a foundation for all movement. This can lead to improved posture, body alignment and stability making it the perfect complement to the rest of your well-being work out.

Flow Pilates

This class is the perfect solution if you are feeling tight, stiff or fatigued. We will guide you through a stretching flow sequence that opens up the hips and shoulders, and gives you complete freedom in your form.


Combining ballet inspired moves with a hybrid of elements from pilates, dance and yoga, this class focusses on high reps with small, pulsing movements. The emphasis is on form, alignment and core.

Bootcamp Barre

Get ready to twist, tone and sculpt your way to a stronger centre. This class will work your middle to the max through repetition, endurance and small range movements that fire up a healthy burn! Through a combination of Pilates, HIIT, Ballet and Yoga, you will work your whole body using the centre as the foundation.


Our Fitness classes

Body Sculpt Circuits

This workout will challenge your whole body in one of the most effective ways to train as it involves both strength and endurance. A combination of six or more exercises using weights performed with short rest periods for either a set number of repetitions or a prescribed amount of time. This class may help you increase muscle strength & growth and improve your cardio too.

Abs, Glutes and Stretch

This class is designed to develop and tone your glutes and abs in order to stabilise and strengthen these muscles, including the deep abdominal wall and the back. You will target these areas through different exercises to allow a full-body workout experience, finishing with a deep stretch to allow faster recovery and better results!

Functional HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training emphasises functional, multi-joint movements that elicit greater muscle recruitment than more traditional exercise. It will get your heart rate pumping and the sweat dripping through a variety of exercises that incorporate cardio, strength, endurance, core, flexibility and movement through short bursts of exercise followed by recovery periods.

Core Stability Flow

This class focuses on strengthening the entire core through a variety of exercises that target core muscle fibres in all possible directions. In turn, it helps to liberate the movement of the limbs and develop precision and conscious control of the body. It will help you to build awareness and understanding of core engagement, not only in static poses but throughout the transitions too.

Animal Movement

This mainly ground-based movement class uses only bodyweight, which is super fun, challenging and effective. By seamlessly flowing from one position to another through multiple planes, we'll open up the body and engage stabilising muscles. These exercises are powerful for improving the overall function of the body and help to build strength and mobility, while having lots of laughs.

Fit Ball

A unique & playful class designed to condition your whole body using a Swiss ball. This is a fun, challenging ball-based fitness class that will help to develop core stability, balance, agility and test your limits!

Full Body Mobility

In this class, you’ll be introduced to a variety of different exercises to improve your mobility and, as a result, flexibility, functional movement patterns, core stability and much more! It involves both static & dynamic stretching, specific shoulders & hips exercises for mobility and self myofascial release using foam rollers or tennis balls.

It will leave you feeling restored and loose and is a perfect compliment for any of your practices - whether that’s Yoga, Pilates,Fitness… or Sailing! 

Slow & Stretchy

Our Sunday afternoon session aims to unwind you after your journey or maybe just help you to connect to your body through a slow and gentle flow of stretches. This class will target your whole being and leave you feeling more peaceful and relaxed.


Our professional, friendly and approachable team of instructors

These are the Yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors that will be teaching your classes in 2022. Each one of them is highly skilled, with plenty of training and experience, and all are very friendly and approachable.

In addition to the classes our team of professional and approachable instructors will also be on hand to offer regular workshops, 1-1 personalised sessions and helpful friendly advice!

Meet the instructors

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