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Greek Yoga holiday price list

Our summer season opens on May 2nd at both of our lovely centres.

Please note spaces are rapidly filling up - we only have one space left in Syvota on May 9th and the weeks of May 16th and Sept 12th are already full.

Vassiliki still has places for all weeks.

Special Offer

May 2nd week - no single supplements at either resort.

May 9th, 16th and 23th weeks - half price single supplements in both centres or NO single supplement for our Vassiliki linked rooms (sharing bathrooms).


Healthy Options in Vassilki may just be the best Yoga, Pilates and fitness holiday you can find. Not a retreat, but a real holiday. Do as much or as little as you like!

Holiday starting date 7 nightsexcluding flights 14 nightsexcluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
580 930 180 80 See airports
580 930 180
600 990 190 80 See airports
600 990 190
630 1000 200 208 See airports
630 1000 200
680 1050 210 216 See airports
680 1050 210
690 1080 220 342 See airports
690 1080 220
720 1110 240 357 See airports
720 1110 240
750 1140 250 178 See airports
750 1140 250
790 1170 260 203 See airports
790 1170 260
890 1240 270 203 See airports
890 1240 270
940 1320 290 168 See airports
940 1320 290
960 1320 290 195 See airports
960 1320 290
960 1320 290 222 See airports
960 1320 290
960 1320 290 222 See airports
960 1320 290
960 1320 290 242 See airports
960 1320 290
960 1270 290 269 See airports
960 1270 290
890 1140 290 269 See airports
890 1140 290
810 1050 290 299 See airports
810 1050 290
760 1030 240 375 See airports
760 1030 240
720 990 220 354 See airports
720 990 220
690 960 210 320 See airports
690 960 210
660 940 200 392 See airports
660 940 200
630 n/a 190 289 See airports
630 n/a 190
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Holiday starting date 7 nightsexcluding flights 14 nightsexcluding flights Single room supplement Flight price Indication (EUR)
660 1130 250 80 See airports
660 1130 250
1 Place Left
760 1190
250 80 See airports
1 Place Left
760 1190
250 208 See airports
920 1290 250 216 See airports
920 1290 250
820 1330 250 342 See airports
820 1330 250
860 1390 250 357 See airports
860 1390 250
930 1430 360 178 See airports
930 1430 360
960 1470 360 203 See airports
960 1470 360
n/a 540 n/a 203 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 168 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 195 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 222 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 222 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 242 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 269 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 269 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
n/a 540 n/a 299 See airports
n/a 540 n/a
990 1440 360 375 See airports
990 1440 360
960 1300 250 354 See airports
960 1300 250
250 320 See airports
800 1190 250 392 See airports
800 1190 250
740 n/a 250 289 See airports
740 n/a 250
See full price list

All prices are per person in Swiss Franc (CHF), based on two persons sharing a room.

Room choices and upgrades supplements

All rooms in Vassiliki have either twin or double beds, en suite shower/wc (except some linked rooms that share one shower/wc), balcony or terrace, mini-fridge, kettle and air-conditioning. Our standard ground floor rooms are those included in our price grid above – based on 2 people sharing a room. Room upgrades are possible, depending on availability for such as first floor rooms and seafacing rooms. We also have some apartments that offer self-catering facilities; twin studios for 2 persons, one bedroomed that take up to 3 persons and two bedroomed that accommodate up to 5 persons. Upgrade supplements apply to all rooms/apartments other than standard ground floor rooms as detailed in the panel below. Supplement prices are per person per week, based on a minimum of 2 persons sharing a room/apt. Minimum occupancies apply to larger apartments.

Our Vassiliki Location

Standard Ground Floor SFr.0/pppw
Standard First Floor SFr.30/pppw
Ground Floor Seafacing SFr.40/pppw
First Floor Seafacing SFr.125/pppw
First Floor Plus SFr.70/pppw
Studio Apartments SFr.30/pppw
One & Two Bedroomed Apartments SFr.45/pppw

Our Syvota location

Standard rooms or bungalows SFr.0/pppw
Upper floor seafacing rooms (main hotel) SFr.45/pppw



  • Coming by yourself?

    We are proud to have many solo travellers choosing Healthy Options. However, if you’re coming by yourself, there are a few things you should know.

    If you would like to have a room by yourself, a single room supplement applies (see price list) and any room category upgrade would be doubled.

    Willing to share?

    If you are travelling by yourself and you’re willing to share, we will happily team you up with another guest of the same gender. In this way, you won’t be charged any supplements that may apply, and you may well meet a new friend for life! Simply mention that you are willing to share when making your booking and we’ll immediately apply the discount. It’s that easy! Please note that if you have opted in for Willing to share but change your mind in resort, we may not be able to fulfill your wish.

  • Transfer from the airport

    From Prevesa (PVK) airport it is a little over one hour to either Syvota or Vassiliki. Transfer costs from the airport to our centres are not included in the price, but we will happily arrange a taxi for you on the following basis.

    We can book a taxi exclusively for you and up to three of your travel partners. The cost will be SFr.110 each way in total. Alternatively, you can choose to share a taxi. In that case, we arrange the taxi but it is up to us to fill the taxi with a maximum of four clients.  The cost of this is SFr.50 per person each way, regardless of how many people are sharing the taxi.

    Deposit and conditions

    For each booking, we’ll need a deposit of SFr.180. The balance of your payment is due no later than nine weeks prior to travel. If you book less than nine weeks before the start of the holiday, we’d need you to pay for the whole amount when you book.

    Please download the full terms and conditions for our holidays.

  • Start your holiday on a weekday?

    Our price list assumes that you start your holiday with us in the weekend. However, your calendar may not allow for that, or you may just want to take advantage of a low-cost flight during the week. That’s usually not a problem, especially in May, June or September.

    The price we charge for a holiday starting during the week is the same as the price of the Sunday after the day you would be travelling. Also, be aware that we require you to change hotel rooms once and in rare cases even twice during your stay.

  • Great value for your holiday

    If you are comparing Yoga holidays, it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. With us, flights from London Gatwick are included, while with most of our competitors you need to book your flight yourself. All our classes are of high quality, by professional and experienced instructors. That is true for many other holidays as well, but the range of classes tends to be a bit broader with Healthy Options. What really sets us apart, are the extra activities which are already included and that really make your holiday a true holiday: sailing, cycling, paddle-boarding, various trips and excursions, a half hour massage, and more. See our What’s included section for more information. This makes Healthy Options not just one of the most memorable holidays you’ll ever have, but also great value!

    Note that except for breakfast in our Syvota location, meals are not included. This means you are free to choose from the onsite restaurants, or to stroll to the harbour where you’ll be able to enjoy the variety of excellent restaurants and tavernas on the harbourside offering fare in all price ranges.

    Flights are also not included, so you can find the flight which is most convenient for you. Do call our agent Peter Kukla at 043 508 09 68 if you like some help finding the right flight for you.

Ho lef photostrip prices

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